Frame & Finish Warranty Information Varies by Manufacturer:

Depending on the manufacturer of your furniture, frame & Finish warranties may vary. We recommend that you reach out to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives who can assist you in obtaining specific warranty details for your furniture brand.

Important Note Regarding Shipment/Delivery for Warranty Items:

It is crucial to be aware that shipment or delivery costs for items subject to warranty replacements are not included in our warranty coverage. Therefore, it remains the client’s responsibility to transport the defective product to Outdoor Rooms Without Walls, whether it requires replacement or repair.

1 Year Limited Sunbrella Manufacturer’s Warranty:

This warranty applies to Sunbrella fabric and is available to the original purchaser. It protects against Sunbrella fabric becoming unserviceable due to color or strength loss resulting from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew, and atmospheric chemicals. However, please note that this warranty does not cover normal care and cleaning, damage from misuse or abuse, improper installation, or costs associated with fabric replacement, including labor and installation. Outdoor Rooms Without Walls liability is specifically limited to this warranty, and they reserve the right to inspect the fabric submitted for a claim. Replacement fabric of equivalent quality will be provided for fabric that becomes unserviceable.

Furniture Warranty Does Not Cover:

The following aspects are not covered by the furniture warranty:

  • Failure due to a lack of routine maintenance. Regular maintenance and upkeep should be performed at regular intervals.
  • Breakage resulting from abuse or misuse, alteration, or modification of the product.
  • Improper assembly, improper shipping, or handling by the customer.
  • Damage caused by acts of nature, vandalism, or fire.
  • Damage caused by domestic or wild animals.
  • Damage caused by harsh chemicals like ammonia cleaners, suntan oils, and others.
  • Glass breakage, chipping, and cracking.
  • Scratches and chips resulting from normal wear and tear.
  • Fabric issues, such as rips, tears, or pilings appearing in upholstered, woven straps, and ropes products.
  • Flattening or compression of cushions and pads.
  • Failure of powder coating finishes due to abrasion, including abrasion caused by stacking the furniture or scraping against other surfaces.
  • Normal fading of color caused by exposure to sun and weather.
  • Products that are sold in “as is” condition or clearance merchandise.
  • Minor variations in color, texture, or finishes and surface imperfections that result from the casting and/or finishing process.


Outdoor Rooms Without Walls Inc. retains the right to limit or decline returns for purchased products.

Returns within 72 Hours:

If you find yourself unsatisfied with your purchase within 72 hours, please be aware that a 30% re-stocking fee will apply to the total purchase amount after the items have been delivered, picked up, or custom ordered.

Final Payment and Order Completion:

Once an order has arrived, the final payment for any outstanding orders will be processed 14 days after the arrival date, regardless of whether you have taken possession of the product within that timeframe.

Transit Damage Responsibility:

Please note that Outdoor Rooms Without Walls (ORWW) is not responsible for any damages that occur to products during transit after they have left our property, particularly for pickup orders.

Clearance and Heavily Discounted Products Policy:

Clearance and heavily discounted products are categorically excluded from our return or exchange policy under all circumstances. Outdoor Rooms Without Walls (ORWW) retains the discretion to decline the return of any clearance or heavily discounted product that we offer.

Please be informed that clearance or discounted products fall outside the scope of warranty coverage, rendering them non-refundable and ineligible for exchanges, unless explicitly indicated otherwise on your invoice. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

Product ETA and Refunds/Cancellations with Consideration for Delays:

Product Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is not a guarantee, and no refunds or cancellations are permitted once an order has been processed. We understand that occasional delays beyond our control may occur, and it is important to note that such delays do not justify the cancellation of ordered products. We appreciate your understanding of this policy, which aims to provide clarity while considering unforeseen circumstances that may affect delivery timelines.

Minor Variations and Imperfections:

It’s important to understand that minor variations in colors, textures, finishes, and surface imperfections that result from the casting and finishing process can occur and are considered normal. These variations are not covered under warranty for replacement.


Price Changes

At Outdoor Rooms Without Walls, we strive to provide our customers with fair and competitive pricing for our products and services. However, it is important to note that prices may change at any given time, and we reserve the right to adjust our prices as needed without prior notice. These price changes may be influenced by factors such as market conditions, supplier costs, or changes in our business operations.

Website Pricing

While we make every effort to ensure that the prices listed on our website are accurate and up-to-date, there may be instances where prices are incorrect or are no longer valid. We do not guarantee the accuracy or validity of prices displayed on our website and, as such, encourage customers to verify prices with our sales team before making a purchase.

Valid Prices

The only prices that Outdoor Rooms Without Walls is obligated to honor are those provided in a written or printed quote issued by our authorized representatives. These quotes are considered binding and will be honored for a period of up to 30 days from the date of issuance, unless otherwise stated in the quote.

Price Adjustment After 30 Days

After the initial 30-day period has elapsed, prices may be subject to change. If a customer wishes to proceed with a purchase after the expiration of the 30-day quote validity period, they must contact our sales team to obtain a revised quote with updated pricing. The revised quote will reflect any changes in pricing that may have occurred during this time.

Quote Terms and Conditions

Quotes provided by Outdoor Rooms Without Walls are subject to specific terms and conditions outlined in the quote document. Customers are encouraged to review these terms and conditions carefully before accepting a quote, as they may include important details regarding payment terms, delivery schedules, and other contractual obligations.

Price Disputes

In the event of a pricing dispute, Outdoor Rooms Without Walls will consider the pricing information contained in the written or printed quote as the official reference point. If a customer believes there has been an error in the quoted price, they should contact our sales team for resolution.

Modification of Policy

Outdoor Rooms Without Walls reserves the right to modify this Pricing Policy at any time, and any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website or other relevant communication channels. Customers are encouraged to review this policy periodically for updates.

By engaging in business with Outdoor Rooms Without Walls, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in these Policies.

Delivery and Property Access

Delivery Path and Access:

Outdoor Rooms Without Walls is committed to delivering your outdoor furniture promptly and safely. In cases where it is necessary to transport furniture through your property or home to reach the outdoor installation area, it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure a clear and safe path.

Buyer’s Responsibility:

The buyer acknowledges that they are responsible for providing a clear and accessible path for the delivery team. This includes clearing hallways, doorways, and other passageways of any obstacles, fragile items, or hazards that may impede the safe transport of the furniture.

Interior Delivery:

In cases where furniture must be transported through the interior of the buyer’s home, Outdoor Rooms Without Walls will take reasonable precautions to protect the buyer’s property. However, it is important to note that the buyer assumes full responsibility for any potential damages that may occur during this process.

Property Protection:

While our delivery team will exercise care and diligence, Outdoor Rooms Without Walls cannot be held responsible for damages to the buyer’s property, including but not limited to floor, wall, or paint damages.

Notification of Damage:

If any damage to the buyer’s property is observed during the delivery process, it should be immediately brought to the attention of the delivery team. Photographs may be taken to document any pre-existing conditions or damages.

Release of Liability:

By accepting delivery, the buyer acknowledges and agrees that Outdoor Rooms Without Walls shall not be held responsible for any damages to the buyer’s property that may occur during the delivery process, including but not limited to floor, wall, or paint damages.

Third-Party Services:

In cases where third-party delivery services are utilized, Outdoor Rooms Without Walls will work with these providers to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your furniture. However, the buyer should refer to the terms and conditions of the third-party delivery service for specific details regarding their liability and responsibilities.

Outdoor Rooms Without Walls values the contentment and safety of our customers. While we take every precaution to ensure the safe delivery of your outdoor furniture, we recommend that buyers take appropriate measures to safeguard their property during the delivery process, particularly when access through the home is required.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to provide clarity and transparency in our policies. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us



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